Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Class of 2012

waiting for baby...

Thank you, Ramirez Family!

I said that a highlight about photography is meeting new people.
But, even better than that is when they invite you back again for more!
The Ramirez family was eagerly awaiting baby Matthew's arrival.
I went to their home to get some fun tummy pictures, and some
family shots before they became a family of 5.
 Luckily, big brother Nathan is obsessed with belly buttons.
Otherwise, I don't think I would've gotten this picture!
It's my favorite from the day.
 Then, we got artsy, and did some painting!
 Hannah was a very serious and thorough painter...
Poor Mommy even got her back painted!
 Nathan needed a little more coaching...
 ...but eventually everyone joined in!

 I think she's trying to convince Hannah that we were all done ;)
 A seriously fun shoot!
I would like to add, for any expecting families...
It has not been medically proven, BUT,
it could be that painting your baby belly could lead
to labor...because baby Matthew was born less than 24 hours later!
Stay tuned...his newborn session is coming up soon!