Sunday, February 6, 2011

it's official...

I love taking pictures of babies.
My first "real" photo shoot was yesterday with this sweet face.

I mean, how could you not love this face?
Her mom and I met because of Bella.
That makes things even more special.
We met at the traffic circle and then to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery.
(which has a delicious banana cupcake by the way).
Thank you, Brooklyn, for an easy day!
By the way, any locals needing pictures...
I will be at Eisnehower Park (city of Orange) on Valentine's Day.
Pictures for P.U.C.K!
$75 ($25 donated back to P.U.C.K in Bella's name)
30-40 minute photo shoot
you get: a cd with 25-30 edited shots

Just leave a comment and I will let you know what
times I have open!


  1. Congratulations Sara!!!! These are fabulous! Really super proud of you!

  2. Amazing pictures as usual. You are hired next time we need pictures. I will finally pay you to take pictures since you have faithfully and generously done it for free for 3+ years now for my kids :).


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