Thursday, September 20, 2012

it may not start with smiles...

 When I met Noah, he was not impressed with my camera.
Or me.
Or my bubbles.
Or feeding the ducks.

Poor guy. It was a hot day. And I kept following him around.
He wasn't unhappy, or scared, or crying.

So, I let him be a toddler in the park.
Let him wander for a bit.

 Then, we busted out the cookies.

 Then, we busted out the finger puppets.
And the tickling...

 And then, we were best buddies!
(he's got my lion puppet on his teeny finger!)
 While I had him happy,
mom and dad jumped in...

I always carry bubbles, & finger puppets.
They usually do the trick.
I love working so hard :)
It's hardly working!

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